Guidance for the moderators and session co-chairs

Before the conference

  • Make sure the speakers understand that talks will be recorded and that accepting the talk slot implies their willingness to be recorded/shared (remote speakers can keep cameras off if they prefer)
  • Remind the participants about the ombudspersons:
    • Andreja Gomboc
    • Aprajita Verma
    • Sandrine Thomas
  • Remind remote participants to communicate on Slack, not on Zoom chat
  • Encourage the use of the social media hashtag for this meeting which is #LSSTEurope5
  • Please make sure that noone is belittled, or elevate over some questions over others (by saying "that is a good question”, implying others may not have been). It is important that everyone is empowered to and comfortable in asking questions and clarifications without the pressure of having to think up a "good question”.
  • Monitor the area where the talks for your session will be uploaded (dropbox), starting at least 72 hours before the start of your session. The link is provided by e-mail. 
  • Talks should be uploaded in pdf or ppt format to the area no later than 24 hours before the session begins. 
  • Ensure each speaker uploads their talk to the relevant session link (provided by e-mail).
  • Speakers preferring to use their laptops should also upload their talks no later than 24 hours before the session begins.
  • Each session should have a conference participant in each of the following roles:
    • Chair / moderator:
      • handles speaker switches
      • a person that notifies speakers about the time left for their talk
      • a person deciding whether there is sufficient time for questions
      • a person handling selecting the questions from the in-person audience
      • a person handling selecting the questions from the remote audience and alternation of in-person and remote questions
      • [IMPORTANT] a person that has a backup question in case there are no questions from the audiencea
    • Slack moderator
      • monitors the Slack channel for the session, for questions, provides responses when possible, redirect users if needed from general Slack channel
      • monitor, selects and reads out Slack questions to be asked after the talk when prompted by the chair
      • tags the speaker(s) after their talk, pointing out the remaining unanswered questions
    • Zoom sentinel
      • monitors that the Zoom connections is live and slides render properly (each session will be provided with one professional staff for technical support)
      • monitors the Zoom chat, redirects questions to the appropriate Slack channels
    • [IMPORTANT] Scribe
      • takes notes during the sessions, and shares them with the person doing the wrap-up on Friday Sep 29
      • notes will be posted alongside the session recordings of the talks on YouTube channel 

On the day of the session

Guidelines for session moderators

Guidelines are given to ensure and promote an equitable environment: be conscious of your biases and avoid preferentially selecting some people because you know them, or because of their identity, and/or paying attention to only some parts of the room.
  • In Q&A accept questions from junior members of the audience and members of underrepresented and marginalized communities first. There is evidence that this makes it more likely that junior people and people from underrepresented groups will come forward with questions.
  • Discretely invite contributions from quieter members of the group without forcing anyone into the spotlight (e.g. "what do colleagues from primarily undergraduate institutions think”).

Guidelines for starting a session

The chair that opens the session needs to start the session with an acknowledgment of the Code of Conduct and its guiding principles. Two slides are provided to start each session here (slides may be updated so check on the morning of your presentation).
  • Remind the participants about the ombudspersons: 
    • Andreja Gomboc 
    • Aprajita Verma
    • Sandrine Thomas
  • Remind remote participants to communicate on Slack, not on Zoom chat
  • Encourage the use of the social media hashtag for this meeting which is #LSSTEurope5
  • Remind participants that sessions will be recorded: As a presenter or participant of the meeting, your image and/or your voice may appear in recordings that may be publicly accessible. If you prefer your image not to appear, presenters and participants are welcome to keep the video muted. As a participant, to avoid your voice being recorded you may consider asking questions on Slack
  • If any of the posters have been assigned to your session, please remind the audience to have a look at them during the coffee break after the session, because this is when the poster authors will be around. 
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