Guidance for the speakers

Before the conference

  • Talks will be recorded and accepting the talk slot implies their willingness to be recorded/shared (remote speakers can keep cameras off if they prefer)
  • To design inclusive visual content:
    • we encourage presenters to use color palettes that are suitable for color-blind audiences
    • use fonts that are suitable for dyslexic participants
  • A slide template with logos and an acronym glossary in the footer is provided for the speakers's convenience 
  • Please do not belittle or elevate some questions over others (by saying "that is a good question”, implying others may not have been). It is important that everyone is empowered to and comfortable in asking questions and clarifications without the pressure of having to think up a "good question”.
  • Your talk (both in-person and remote) must be uploaded in pdf or ppt format no later than 24 hours before the beginning of the session. Links are provided in e-mail. 
  • Speakers preferring to use their laptops should also upload their talks no later than 24 hours before the session begin.
  • HDMI and DisplayPort only are available for video output if speakers prefer to use their laptops.  If using your own laptop, speakers are responsible to provide any adapter/converter needed.
  • If you think you're speaking in a session but you're not listed in the agenda on the session's webpage, reach out to the chair immediately
  • Talks will be recorded and uploaded to LSST@Europe5 YouTube channel for later viewing. Contact the session chair if you do not want your presentation to be shared

Guidance for the poster session

  • There will be no poster session per se, but the co-chairs of the sessions to which the posters belong will mention the corresponding posters and invite the participants to discuss them during the breaks (in particular during the breaks after the corresponding session(s)). 
  • Please keep in mind that some session chairs have chosen to have some posters in particular session presented and discussed inside the session, so please check the programme and contact the session chairs if more info is needed.
  • A poster Slack channel will be opened as well, this will be particularly useful for the remote participants across the many time zones.
  • Posters in digital form will be available on this webpages and should be uploaded to Dropbox. Links are provided in e-mail. 
  • Poster authors can pre-record video presentation of their poster if they wish so. Recommended duration is up to 5 minutes. Prerecorded presentation should be uploaded to Dropbox (links are provided in e-mail), preferably before the start of the conference, and placed at LSST@Europe5 YouTube channel

Printed posters  

  • Printed posters will be presented on poster boards in the lobby of the meeting venue (hotel Parentium)
  • Posters must be printed prior to arriving at the venue. There are no printing facilities around the venue
  • Poster presenters should put up their poster at the beginning of the meeting, and take it down not later than after the wrap-up session on Friday, September 29
  • Poster presenters are not expected to stand near their posters during the breaks (but of course they can if they wish), but are encouraged to do so during the break after the session to which the poster belongs
Poster board size: 80 cm (width) x 140 cm (height) (portrait layout). Standard A0 size is also supported (84 cm x 119 cm)

Digital displays 

  • Digital display of the poster on TV screen will be also available, with poster displays in slideshow mode
  • Acceptable format is jpg only. Organiser cannot be responsible if the used digital poster format is not suitable for presentation on TV screen, although the organiser will provide technical support and do their best to have the poster presented
  • Digital displays are supported in horizontal mode only (landscape layout), 16:9 and full HD
  • The poster must be uploaded to Dropbox no later than 24 hours before the beginning of the conference. Links are provided by e-mail. 
Digital display size: 16:9, full HD, 45 inches screen diagonal
Contact the LOC for more information at