How to get to Poreč
Airport transfer to the conference venue
All participants are responsible for their travel arrangements to the conference venue in Poreč. Organizers will try to help by providing possible single transfer from and to the nearby airports if there will be enough interested participants (in that case, payments must be done in advance through the conference web pages). In order to try to identify time and route of possible airport transfer, please update your travel information if you would like to use such an organized transfer by filling a sign-up sheet. Link to the sign-up sheet will be provided in e-mail so to protect personal information.
If there will be enough interested participants, Pula airport is willing to provide their shuttle service directly to Poreč.
Sign-up sheet, visible to all participants, can be used for arranging a shared transport such as GoOpti or taxi service. In that case, participants are solely responsible for using and sharing such services, and meeting organizers will not try to organize those services. 
By flight
Poreč is conveniently situated on the western coast of Istria in Croatia, near Slovenian and Italian border, and can be accessed from various international airports. International airports less than 270 km include:
Major european airlines fly to the above mentioned airports, while Venice Marco Polo is serviced by intercontinental flights, too.
Budget airline companies also fly to those airports from different European cities, including (the list is not exhaustive, and serves for orientation purpose only):
  • Ryanair (direct flights to Pula, Trieste, Rijeka - Krk, Treviso, Venice Treviso, Venice Marco Polo, Zagreb)
  • Easyjet (direct flights to Pula, Rijeka - Krk, Ljubljana, Venice Marco Polo, Zagreb)
  • Eurowings (direct flights to Pula, Rijeka - Krk, Venice Marco Polo, Zagreb)
  • Wizzair (direct flights to Ljubljana, Trieste, Venice Treviso, Venice Marco Polo)
  • Norwegian (direct flights to Pula, Zagreb, Venice Marco Polo)
  • JetBlue (direct flights to Pula, Venice Marco Polo)
There are plenty of metasearch engines that can look for low-cost tickets, such as Skyscanner.
From all main airports, shuttle buses and regular bus routes depart to the city centre of the nearby city where local transport, such us bus, can be used to arrive to Poreč. Trieste, Venice Marco Polo and Venice Treviso airports are also connected by train.
Taxi or Rent-a-car service can be hired at each of the airports (please consult airport's web pages for further information). Croatia is now in Schengen zone, which means that travel is free toward Slovenia and Italy, with no border crossings. Croatia is a part of EU, so driving licenses issued in other countries are valid accordingly, but please consult official web pages prior to your travel.
By bus
Bus travel is the main mean of public transport in west Croatia, towards and from Poreč. Timetables and routes to and from Poreč, including some international routes, can be found on the web pages of Zagreb bus station (includes all national and some international bus routes, and not only from and to Zagreb).
A great search engine for bus routes is Getbybus.
Flixbus operates direct bus routes from some major nearby airports to Poreč:
  • from Venice Marco Polo airport to Poreč on Sunday 24 Sep at 12:00 (no return), and to Rovinj daily. Rovinj is 17 km from Poreč and taxi can be used. The trip lasts 4:30 hours.
Flixbus, among other routes, also connects:
  • Venice Marco Polo airport with Rijeka and Trieste, from where another transport can be taken to Poreč
  • Trieste and Poreč with 1-2 buses daily. Trip lasts 2:10 hours.
  • Zagreb and Ljubljana with Poreč with 1-2 buses daily. Trip lasts 7:30 hours from Zagreb.
  • Venice Mestre and Poreč on Sunday 24 Sep (no return)
Flixbus has a wide network of routes, so it is worth checking for alternative routes. 
List of some of the national and international bus companies serving Istria:
  • Nomago - international bus company that includes local bus company. Bus route from Trieste to Poreč.
  • Arriva - the largest national bus company serving Istria. Bus routes from Pula, Rijeka, Zagreb and Trieste to Poreč.
  • Brioni - Bus routes from Trieste and Pula to Poreč.
From Pula to Poreč
Easiest and shortest way to travel from an airport to Poreč by bus is to fly to Pula, use shuttle bus from airport to the city bus station, and then use one of the buses from Pula to Poreč. The trip lasts 1:30 hours.
From Zagreb to Poreč
Another option is to fly to Zagreb airport, use the shuttle bus to the city bus station, and then one of the buses to Poreč. The trip lasts 4 - 4:30 hours.
From Rijeka to Poreč
Fly to Rijeka - Krk airport, use the shuttle bus to the city bus station, and then one of buses to Poreč. The trip lasts 1:30 hours. 
From Trieste to Poreč
Trieste is not well connected with Poreč, and currently there is only one bus route at 11:00 from Trieste to Poreč, and at 7:30 from Poreč to Trieste. 
From Venice, Venice Mestre and Ljubljana to Poreč
There are no direct routes from Venice or Venice Mestre to Poreč. It means that you first need to take train to Trieste or bus to Rijeka, and then another bus to Poreč. There are Flixbus buses from Venice Mestre to Rijeka.
Currently, there is only one bus route from Ljubljana to Poreč on Sunday 24 Sep at 5:00 The trip lasts 7:30 hours.
By ferry
A viable option is to travel by ferry if you plan to fly to Venice airport, or arrive by train to Venice or Mestre train stations. Currently, there is one ferry (catamaran) by Venezia lines from Venice to Poreč on Sunday 24 Sep at 17:00, from Poreč to Venice on Friday 29 Sep at 8:00 and on Saturday 30 Sep at 7:00. The trip lasts 3 hours. For more information, please consult the following ferry search engines:
By train
There is no train station in Poreč. The nearest train station is in Trieste.

Go Opti airport transfer and other services
Go Opti is an excellent choice for door-to-door service from all major airports to your hotel (Parentium or Blue) in Poreč, especially if you are willing to share the car with other participants and arrange it in advance. Using this service, you will be able to avoid changing buses or other mean of transport. Currently, transfer from Trieste airport to hotel Parentium in Poreč for a shared car with 3 persons is up to 57 euros per person in one direction, from Pula airport to hotel in Poreč up to 37 euros per person in one direction, from Venice Marco Polo to hotel in Poreč up to 68 euros per person, from Zagreb airport to hotel in Poreč from 99 euros per person.
In order to facilitate the sharing of such a service, we have put a sign-up sheet accessed by link that we send to the meeting participants by mail.
Another door-to-door service (from airport to hotel in Poreč) is also offered by getbytransfer.
Alternative is to use taxi service or rent-a-car, available at all the airports or arranged in advance. Uber operates in Croatia, too. 
Disclaimer: Meeting organizer is not responsible for the content of this travel info web pages, including timetables and routes. Participants have the sole responsibility to check all the info with the corresponding transport company and/or service.