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Participants can contribute to the meeting through:
  •  Contributed talk
  •  Poster presentation
Abstracts should be submitted through an abstract form for both contributions, and approved by session chairs and/or the SOC. During the submission, please suggest session(s) to which your contribution should be allocated to (Science collaborations, In-kind contributions, Synergies with other surveys, Early science & commissioning etc.). The SOC reserves the right to allocate your contribution to particular session.
Deadline for abstract submission for contributed talk is extended to 12th June 2023, and for poster presentation 4th September 2023.
Abstracts will be published online. There will be poster area at the venue, and digital versions of the posters will be published online.
Abstract submission form is available in the User corner after you register and login with your password and username. You can directly access User corner by following this link.

Contact the LOC for more information at